Collection six

December 08, 2020

Collection six

Inspired by the convergence of nature and ancient native culture in Baja California Sur, our latest collection is grounded in modern simplicity and time-honored tradition.  This collection lets the mind wander and fills a room with a feeling of well-being and connection to ancient truths. Each pattern was designed with a feeling of gratitude for these simple pleasures that nature provides.
greige textiles hand printed in California Antoinette
Inspired by the lush vegetation of the rich farmland that has been cultivated for centuries

greige textiles perche stripe hand printed micro batch textiles
Incorporates clean modern lines that frame the area’s famed Hotel San Cristobal.
 greige textiles hale hand printed textiles in california to the interior design trade
Evokes the native tile patterns of generations of craftsmen
 greige textiles hugh hand printed in california on belgian linen
calls to mind worn stone pathways that lead to glorious beaches and rolling hills

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